Follow the footsteps of the famous ancient greeks

Athens Classic free tour

History, Philosophy and Democracy tour

The Athens classic walking tour!


Exploring the glorious past of Athens

This tour presents the most important landmarks, while we discuss live and learn about the achievements of the ancient Greeks that laid the foundations of Democracy, Philosophy, Arts, Sciences and more!



Athens has a history of 5.000 years. Learn how it evolved from a small settlement to the epicenter of the ancient world.


Around 600 amazing journey began in this city and reached its peak 150 years later, giving birth to Democracy.


Hearing the fascinating story of Philosophy from Thales to Socrates and Plato, you will realise the thread that binds them all together!

An introduction

Hi, I am Panos and I love to talk about my favourite subjects, History, Philosophy, Politics, Arts and Sciences etc. 

Athens has given a lot to the Western World and i would like to explore with you the interesting stories of my birthplace as well as its rise and tragic fall. How did they achieve so much in so little time? Join me in this 3 hours walk, passing next to many of the great landmarks, to explore all these interesting issues and learn a lot from them even 2.500 years after!

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What a great way to learn about Athens! Panos was very informative and funny, he spoke about the philosophers and how Athens became the great city that it was! Could not recommend this highly enough!